CORRECTIVE MASSAGE THERAPY is a plan geared towards correcting the imbalance between muscle and motion. This is a customized 3 session plan with 2- 1 1/2 hour sessions, 1- 1 hour session and a "Getting Back to Body Basics" Kit. CMT is ideal for anyone suffering from acute/chronic pain, less than desired performance in sports or general movement. An array of techniques can and will be used based on your comfort level. Some of the techniques that may be used are Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish, Cryotherapy, Topical application just to name a few. This package is a stand alone and focuses on the problem. Cost for the plan is $270.00.

Monthly Subscription is optional and are setup on auto-pay to ease the trouble of budgeting and can be cancelled anytime(please refer to policy before becoming a member). There are no contracts with this membership just savings. When you are a member you will receive discounted rates, monthly credits toward your account, below new client pricing and Free Aromatherapy. This membership includes an auto draft of $45.00 which covers an 1 Hour Massage. You may upgrade to an 1 1/2 Hour Massage for an additional cost. Full Force facials are also available for membership, but are limited until we have the working hours.

Monthly Membership(3 options Single, Couple and Family)

Single $10.00 - Single is defined as ONE person

Couple  $15.00 - Couple is defined as TWO  people in the same household

Family $25.00 - Family is defined as FOUR people in the same household

This Monthly Membership allots you to all the same perks as the Monthly Subscription without the higher autopay. You will be able to purchase 1 HOUR MASSAGES at $45.00 and 1 1/2 HOUR MASSAGE at $75.00


PAY AS YOU GO is simple, only pay when you have service. As a New Client you do receive a $10.00 discount for your for first session.

1 Hour Massage $60.00 or 1 1/2 Hour Massage $75.00 additional pricing and services available

LOYALTY PROGRAM(powered by Square) earn while you relax. We have a unique feature in our system that helps lessen the guilt of taking care of yourself! These credits can be applied to your session to lower the cost of session.

                                                                Earn an One Hour Massage

Sports  Massage is geared to those whom want a faster than usual turn around from a hard workout or event. Massage coupled with stretching while focusing on optimizing muscle, tendon, ligament and joint health is good start.

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Deep Tissue Massage is not just about pressure but also technique. This modality is meant to combat the stubborn muscles and rejeuvenate the muscular system. Since our therapist are well trained we find the balance between pressure and technique.

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Swedish Massage is an ancient form of relaxation. Swedish massage is a calming session using long, rythmatic, moderate pressure to your specifications. This can be applied through light touch(best for older clients), medium/mild touch or firm(best for those needing an extra push). It is one of the best well-rounded sessions you can have!

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We also offer Hot Stone, Reflexology, Facilitated Stretching, Movement Therapy and more to come!

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